Monday, February 4, 2013

Midnight Intruders Cause Big Problems For Your Pets!

Well it's happened again. We have a new client with animal intruder issues in their yard. We were told by their 2 cats during an Animal communicator session that an orange tabby and a grubby, smelly wildlife "thing" (we later thought was a groundhog or Opossum) was coming into their yard at night. The pet parents had never seen either intruders. During the night the client setup a wildlife cam and caught both intruder's images (to the left both images are shown) As animal communicators  we call that a double confirmation! We have already started to help with Displaced aggression in pets issues with the pets indoors are going through from this type of problem.  

If your pet is showing sudden, unexplained aggression issues, you should set up an animal communication check-in with us, you never know what is going on until you actually talk with your pet. You can start your animal communication session sign up here online.

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