Saturday, April 27, 2013

What Can You Do About Pets Separation Anxiety?

As a professional Animal Communicator, my wife and I ask client's animals where the beginning of their separation anxiety issue started. It is when we know what the pet is suffering from - the source of where all these pent-up separation feelings began, that we can then address and help fix the separation anxiety issues - no matter how severe the problems may appear. Many times separation anxiety symptoms appear with rescued pet that has been in one or two previous families who may have created the situation long before you adopted your pet. It's no one's fault, but it's time to get proper help for your furry family member. We can address issues going back as far as your pet need to and begin the journey to healing. It often only takes understanding to help heal separation anxiety. There are more behavioral steps once you know what the issues are, however, knowledge of the problem is always the key to the solution - otherwise you can only guess at what your pet is reacting and what might help. Check out our web site for our wonderful testimonials and more info on help with pet behaviors at

Saturday, April 6, 2013

New Pet Article: Water Water Everywhere - What to Give My Pet?

With so many choices in water these days, it's really tough to know what's best to give your dog, cat or bird. Our pets are more than family, so we want to give them the best quality of life and the best quality products. Sometimes the fanciest high price waters maybe over processed for an animal's palette or senses. .. ...Read more of the article

A new leash on life!

Rescued from years in a puppy mill, the vet tech who adopted this little guy rigged up the scooter for his paralyzed back legs for a total of $ look at little "Ricky Bobby" go! Awesome story!