Thursday, May 23, 2013

Cat Suffering from PTSD Fear of Music Watches Todd Rundgren Web Cast

Nikki, age 16, suffering from a PTSD related issue from a fear of music most of her life, now watches Todd Rundgren on a live webcast. This is no small feat when you come to realize that for years this wonderful cat would react so negatively to music. Every time music was played around her (any type - on the stereo, or instruments, softly, it didn’t matter) her eyes would instantly dilate, she would panic, run and hide behind the couch, sometimes for hours.  

Learn more on how professional animal communication, Todd Rundgren and a lot of our love and compassion helped her accomplish this task!

I’m so proud to share with you this short Youtube clip of Nikki enjoying a webcast of Todd Rundgren live – his “State” tour. ( The webcast is still available to order at that link) We were so surprised and happy when she jumped up on the couch, plopped right in front of the laptop and watch intently. It was entirely her choice to be with us during the show and she stayed right next to me for a majority of the broadcast. Todd Rundgren Tour Info. Jump around our site to learn how animal communication also played a key role in Nikki overcoming her PTSD fear of music

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Summer Vacation - What Do We Do About The Pets?

Just in Time for Your Summer Vacation - What Do We Do About The Pets?

Nothing can ruin a summer vacation faster than getting a call from the family or neighbors that something has gone wrong with the pets. Everyone in the family freaks! It's next to impossible to change your flight plans once you are at your destination. Have a great pet sitter in place before leaving!

How to Find & Hire a Professional Pet Sitter to Keep All the Dogs, Cats, Birds and other pets in the house safe and happy while the rest of the family are off of your family vacation.