Talking with Your Pets Everyday

People that have the best experiences with their pets are the people that communicate with them on a regular basis. There's no trick to it and you don't have to be a trained animal communicator to create an environment of communication with your pets. There can be many ways to communicate with your pets too. There's talking of course, eye contact (although some breeds may become agitated with long direct contact - know your breeds,) smiling and praise, petting and affectionate contact, play and enrichment activities, singing, head and facial gestures, and numerous other forms of contact.

The first rule of thumb is to realize that your pets are intelligent, conscience, aware, complex, thinking, individuals, that are very capable of understanding you. A panel of today's leading scientists (including Dr Stephen Hawking) recently proclaimed animal and human consciousness the same.

It helps to start when they are young pups or kittens, but it's not necessary, even an older adopted pet will understand you if given the chance and all the love in the world.
If you constantly treat a person as though they only have the intelligence and understanding of a child and never allow them to progress, there can be huge repercussions with their growth. Often we see in humans where patients can shut down emotionally (and shut anyone out,) they resent you for not recognizing and respecting their growth as an individual. 

Treating your animal companions as intelligent beings, as a member of your family, can go a lot further than you might realize. offering them choices whenever possible. You can prevent behavior problems from developing. Even temporary or permanent personality changes can be prevented by a little foresight and heartfelt understanding.

A great example and one we hear about frequently from pets and pet parents deals with trips to the vet. Imagine that you are relaxing in your home on a nice summer day. All of a sudden one of your family members walks in the room, forces you into a box (carrier) and before you know what's happening you're in the car and on your way somewhere. You have no idea what's happening or where you are going - you're in a state of panic. You may catch a few words like Doctor, Vet, Stay Calm. You get to a building, a big, cold building that smells funny. It's packed with other animals all asking the same frightened questions you are asking. Some of the animals are leaving the building feeling better, but some had things done they didn't ask for. What do you do?

Now imagine this situation going a whole different way. your favorite human companion in the world just hired a translator for you, another human, but this one can talk to you and your human. Through this session your family tell you that they want to have some minor things checked out by your doctor. It will be a short ride in the car and you'll come right home. Your family will be with you. Oh and by the way, if you could go into your carrier the easy way, everyone would appreciate it.

Even if you have never tried an animal communicator before, which way do you think is more likely to go better?  Check out one of our testimonials from Cluny's mom - a feral cat who needed to go to the vet a few times within a few months. He walked right into his carrier without any help, not just once, not twice, but more than three times! Read Cluny's Animal Communication & ReikiTestimonial   

Learn more about animal communication on our Animal Healings site and our Animal Communication FAQ 

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