Sunday, February 10, 2013

How Did My Indoor Cat or Dog Get Fleas?

There's usually one good answer to this puzzling question - you or one of your human family members! 

So how and why did you bring fleas into the house? You didn't roll around on the grass with Rocky and all the neighbors' hounds - right? Did you take an afternoon nap under the trees with the Jones' orange tabby last week? I didn't think so!

 Fleas tend to jump onto your pants legs and other body areas (smelling or sensing your warm blood - their food)  when you walk across grass, brush by bushes, common public areas, even just a door mat where other animals have been.  If you live in an apartment building or townhouse the concentration of pets in your area make it even hard to control fleas. People walk their dogs by your entrance or common walkways numerous times per day. if you use an elevator, it increases the likelihood by thousands of times per day since your neighbors probably walk their dogs via the elevator, and you and your pets are a very captive audience....

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