Thursday, November 6, 2014

What’s the Easiest Way to Save an Animal’s Life?

Animals panic very easily when outdoors, especially a runaway or lost pet. Even wildlife that has been through traumatic experience in their lives can panic very easily by any sound or chased by pother animals.

When driving on any type of road after dusk, whether it’s a neighborhood street, a two lane road or a busy highway, when there’s no on-coming traffic please use your high beam headlights.

It helps you spot animals off in the distance and gives you time to slow down and let them cross safely. It also lets the animal see you from a greater distance to change direction and not run into your path. This is really important with today’s newer, quieter cars, especially electric vehicles. Some people have a misperception high beams may hurt animal’s eyes, but in reality it allows you and the animal to recognize the danger and avoid each other. This is especially important during mating seasons for deer and other wildlife. 

Please take the little extra effort to hit the switch and you’ll feel much better instead of the guilt, grief and repairs to your car! Don’t forget to dim your high beams at the first sign of on-coming traffic too. The pet you save may just be your own!

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