Monday, May 12, 2014

Cats and Dogs Bored with All Their Toys? Pet Cost Saving Tip!

Human kid parents have proclaimed for years after big birthdays and Christmas, that kids seem to get bored extremely fast with their toys and always end up playing with the boxes instead. Well if that doesn’t fit “Next Gen” kids anymore, it still fits our cats and dogs. If your cats and dogs have every toy on Earth and you’re running out of options to keep them active, here’s a way to make the old box trick just a little more interesting for your pets. Turn the box into more of a “playhouse” for them by cutting holes into the sides and top. Windows, door flaps, little paw & ball / toy access holes make the whole playhouse box experience jump to a great new level for any pet. Once they have just gotten bored with that, you can take shredded craft paper (regular brown craft paper you run through your paper shredder) and make a nest they can tear and hunt through on the bottom of the box. That big box that would have gone to the recycle bin, may just turn out to be the best toy of the year.

For some cats, they may like to take rides in smaller boxes (you can hold the box in your arms and tour around the house.) However, use with caution and work them up to this slowly since a frightened cat can jump out of a box without knowing the distance to the floor or dangerous objects below.

Have fun spending more quality time with your pets, giving them the extra exercise they need and staying fit for life! See other ways we can help, by talking to your pet directly and find out what they might be looking for in fun toys and more activities through an animal communication session with AnimalHealings.

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