Friday, December 20, 2013

That Last Minute Christmas Rush - Slow Down - Save a Pet

As you're rushing to get everything ready for the holidays, driving all over town, checking off your list(s), it's not hard to get all wrapped up in the excitement of the last minute deals. Please slow down on the roads, especially in neighborhoods and rural areas so you can watch for pets and animals that may dart out unexpectedly. No one wants to spend the holidays mourning the loss of a pet, Even worse, you wouldn't want to be the one responsible for hurting someone's family pet right before a holiday celebration.

Driving Tips That May Help Save a Pet :

  • Slowing down just a few MPH can help you respond and brake in time
  • Use your high beams anytime there are no other drivers approaching in oncoming lanes, spotting animals eyes and body shapes from longer distances is much easier, and it helps the animal see you too.
  • Get to know where animals may cross roads in your area and pay close attention. Deer crossings increase during November to April and they tend to use regular paths.
  • While we love and them and need them - Hybrids and Electric vehicles are harder to hear for everyone, including animals. Adding a "deer whistle" to the front bumper can help at higher speeds (usually above 40 mph.) Be aware of your vehicles limitations when driving in crowded neighborhoods.
  • Always make lots of noise (bang on the hood, slam the door really well) when entering your vehicle on cold days, outdoor animals can burrow in your engine compartment for don't want to know what happens.
Share your tips and pet holiday stories on our blog! Season's Greetings and please be safe the whole year!
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