Monday, January 28, 2013

Welcome to Our New Animal Communication & Reiki for Pets Blog

A place for all animal lovers and those who provide healing support.

Our new Blog will provide info on how you can help your pets have a happy, healthier and more comfortable life, while providing humor and fun for your whole family. (of course you can catch up with our original pet blog too)

We'll have an open forum for your questions and comments and we look forward to seeing your photos and videos shared with everyone.

Stay tuned as we build and improve this space :)

Not sure what animal communication is really about? Start at our Animal Communication FAQ where we answer the most asked questions.

You may have heard of Reiki, perhaps you have had a Reiki session or two. Check out our Reiki for pets site to see how amazing it can be in  healing all the furry wonders in our life.

Skeptical about any type of distance healing (or as some might say New Age Fangle Dangle?) Well it's hard to deny when you read our wonderful customer testimonials.

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